Amirah Stevenson Series: Books One and Two

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Book One: Buried Treasure

Twelve-year-old Amirah has a lot on her mind. She is being teased at school and lately had to confront a bully. She can’t seem to connect with her dad and growing up without her mum just makes everything seem worse. How will she handle this? Who can she turn to?

Book Two: The Colour of Fear

Amirah is now fourteen years old and she, her dad and Granny are travelling to Egypt, planning to stay for one year. She is growing up and wants more independence, but will her dad trust her? Now an adolescent, Amirah is beginning to understand more about people and life, but she often feels confused. She will have adventures, face challenges, and make important decisions. What choices will she make? Will she face her fears? Where will these choices lead her? What will she learn?