Vanille Celeste Eau de Parfum 75ml

Vanille Celeste Eau de Parfum 75ml

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A perfume is a woman's most enduring secret. It is an indispensable complement to femininity. It is a tribute to the persona and enigma of womanhood. It is like the finishing touch on a beautiful dress that celebrates all things feminine.

Ajmal Perfumes is a brand with a rich heritage acquired through almost seven decades of experience and know-how in the intricate art of perfumery. 

The combination of delicate beautiful orange flowers with rare orchids in Vanille Celeste is accompanied by echoes of juicy pear nuances spreading in sandalwood waves. Vanilla refinement is further accentuated by tonka, which resonates with it in unique chords of a warm delicious concert. The entry of gentle jasmine gently turns into the deepening tones presented by oud oil, which does not stand out, only completes the sensually elegant tone, especially vanilla. White cedar, coffee with a few shavings of chocolate, comes together to give space again for solo vanilla. Vanilla floats through the different phases of the scent and shows us its tender, dusty, gourmet and deliciously seductive note.

Ingredients: denatured ethyl alcohol, demineralised water and fragrance, benzyl salicylate, citral, citronellol, cinnamyl alcohol, coumarine, farnesol, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxy citronellal, limonene, linalool.