Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes

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Changing misconceptions one hero at a time. This much needed children’s book empowers children with stories of 20 famous and little known Muslim heroes who were trailblazers.

Winner of Fofky's Reader's Choice Middle Grade Book Award 2021

Do you know the story of the first nurse or the female founder of the oldest running university? You know Newton and Einstein but have you heard of Ibn Sina and Lubna of Cordoba? Did you hear of the female navy commander who defeated the Dutch army...twice!? You will be surprised to know they were all Muslim!

These are just some examples of thousands of courageous Muslim women and men throughout history whose beliefs and accomplishments helped change the world for future generations. They are trailblazers who opened the doors to education, made remarkable discoveries, who fought for women’s rights, who led powerful armies, who believed in their dreams.

Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes aim to:

• give children diverse role models,

• increase Muslim representation in children’s books, and

• change misconceptions one hero at a time.

Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes hopes to inspire and empower children with these legendary multicultural biographies.